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Welcome to a site of cattery

We are engaged in breeding of British short-haired cats

We are happy to present you this extremely interesting and attractive breed in such rare and fabulously show-white beautiful colorations as silver, golden shaded; silver, golden chinchilla and silver-point; golden-point


Our cats attract by their charming appearance and gentle character  

If you are interested in our pupils and if you have the desire to get for yourself a four-legged friend, give us a call or send us a message to diamond-cats@mail.ru  
We will willingly help you to choose a kitten and will provide you with all the necessary information on cultivating and feeding the cat
We welcome the previous note, when the interested people with responsibility and with considered solution relate to acquire of the future friend  

We are grateful for you having visited our site. We hope, it is a pleasure for you to be here and we a re always happy to see you again!


 Питомник британских шиншилл "Diamond-PRO". Британские кошки окрасов: серебристая шиншилла, золотая шиншилла, шиншилла-пойнт, золотой-пойнт, колор с белым. Продажа котят. Фото британских кошек. Британская шиншилла, коты, кошки. British silver shaded, chinchilla, silver-point, golden-point, color with the white