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Your kitten (pup) and you

You acquired kitten (pup). That is a very serious deed, which will determine all your life for a long time. This kitten (pup) will share life in your family during 15-20 years for the enormous joy all your relatives.

At first kitten (pup) will feel lonely at your home without its mother, brother and sisters. And you must prepare to its arrival in new family. Attention and love must surround kitten (pup) and it will understand that you are its new owner and friend.

First introduction to new home, to new members of family, maybe to animals that live at your home it’s a very important stage which helps your kitten (pup) to go in new pace of life. You’ll have to acquire new habits, change the furnishings of your home to protect a kitten (pup) from dangers in your home.

If you want a kitten (pup) feel safety at the first moment of its acquisition, you must prepare everything in advance for its and yours comfort, playing, feeding. Think how to place the kitten’s things in home.

Don’t forget that kitten (pup) is in unfamiliar environment for its. Give him to get to you and understand to demand from its. Treat with kitten (pup) gentle and calm. Don’t hand him.
Only you are responsible for the safety of your kitten (pup). You “go on the matter” of its mother, so it’ll look for the understanding and the defense. Protect kitten (pup,) its growth and emotional balance will dependent on your attention.

Study to treat with kitten (pup) carefully. Rude and sharp movements can frighten it.
If you want to show it your power, you can take him by the scruff of the neck (as its mother).
Never be angry with it for a long time and don’t lock it in cloistered area. 

And always remember, you have your work, your hobby and your friend, family, relatives, but they have only you. Talk with them!!! 


Parents very often buy kitten (pup) their children, but how often kitten (pup) instead of friend becomes the victim of a little natural scientist! Explain your children that it isn’t their new toy. It is alive! It is very little and weak. It can be in pain and terribly. Besides, if you or your children play with kitten in “the brutal” games, it’ll defend and it can bite and scratch, that is not very good. So, don’t annoy them! Don’t carry kitten (pup) all time! Don’t raise it high, it can unexpectedly fall and break its weak bones. A small kitten (pup) has a very difficult and expensive treatment.

If you follow these simple rules, you’ll have an intelligent and healthy animal.

Good luck!!!

Русская версия